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Love Notes to Self" Aromatherapy Mist, featuring "Inspire Me, Your Truly First Love," is a uniquely crafted blend designed to create an atmosphere of self-love and inspiration. This special mist offers a multi-faceted experience:


The "Love Notes to Self Collection" is a heartfelt selection of items, each thoughtfully named to resonate with messages of self-affirmation and love. This exclusive collection features three distinct components:



First Love -  Raspberry, Prosecco, Cedar

Inspire Me - Peony, Gardenia, Amber

Yours Truly- Orchid, Honey Mahogany 


The "Love Notes to Self Collection" is a tribute to self-affirmation, self-love, and embracing your authentic self. These items are here to inspire, motivate, and celebrate the remarkable individual that you are.


Love Notes To Self

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